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Avast Business

Avast business

Advanced Security and Business Assurance

Avast, a global leader in cybersecurity, protects over 400 million users from online threats. Its robust platform is proficient at averting diverse cyber attacks:

4 million Monthly, Avast blocks over 4 million ransomware attacks.

300 million It shields users from 300 million harmful site visits.

48 million Daily, it counters more than 48 million cyber threats.

1.5 billion Each month, Avast thwarts over 1.5 billion malware attacks.

33 million Avast also blocks over 33 million phishing attempts monthly.

The Essential Role of Cybersecurity in Modern Business
The shift to remote work has opened new security vulnerabilities in business networks. Cybercriminals exploit these weaknesses, necessitating advanced cybersecurity measures. Modern businesses require solutions that cover remote work, cloud servers, and cloud applications, highlighting the critical need for comprehensive cybersecurity.

Avast Business Solutions: Enhancing Company Security
Avast responds to these challenges with reliable antivirus solutions, cloud backup systems, and holistic cyber threat protection. Its Small Business Solutions offer affordable, low-maintenance online security. Companies can choose from three levels of protection, each providing device and data security, privacy tools, automated patch management, and more.

Avosec’s Expertise with Avast and AVG
Avosec stands out for its extensive experience with Avast and AVG products. Their expertise is evidenced by:

  • Deep knowledge and effective implementation of Avast solutions.
  • Proven track record in optimizing Avast and AVG products for diverse business needs.
  • Commitment to maintaining high standards of cybersecurity with Avast technology.

Benefits of Partnering with Avast for Resellers
Resellers gain access to cutting-edge technology, training, and support through a partnership with Avast.

This enables profitable sales of Avast’s easy-to-manage security solutions and offers competitive advantages. Resellers can broaden their offerings, grow their business, and ensure ongoing protection for SMB clients.

Revenue Generation and Market Distinction with Avast
Avast’s cybersecurity solutions are both comprehensive and user-friendly, tailored for the modern workplace. Partners can establish profitable businesses, create recurring revenue streams, and deliver continuous protection to SMB clients. Avast’s cloud-based solutions are known for their reliability, enhancing your cybersecurity portfolio and setting you apart in the market.

Collaborating with Avast: A Partnership for Success
Partners are vital to Avast’s strategy, aiming to attract new customers, provide effective solutions, and achieve mutual goals. Avast focuses on partner support to enhance customer service, drive client acquisition, increase satisfaction, and boost sales.

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