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Gravityzone United Security And Risk Analytics

Withstand Advanced Attacks and Preserve Business Continuity Endpoint. Network. Cloud. Human.


Bitdefender combines all the security services enterprises need into a single delivery platform.


Even small businesses can stay fully protected from all kinds of attacks, from ransomware to APT.


Award-winning services that consistently outperform the competition through superb protection and usability.

Small & Medium Business Solutions

Business Security

Protection, performance, and usabuility

Advanced Business Security

Safety through advanced machine learning.

Elite Security

Layered architecture in a single platform.

Security for AWS

Built for your needs on Amazon Web Services.

Enterprise Security Solutions

Gravityzone Ultra Plus

Integrated prevention, detection and response for endpoint, network and cloud.

Gravityzone Ultra Security

The ultimate in advanced protection, detection and response, designed to address the entire threat lifecycle.

Gravityzone Elite

For security-centric enterprises looking to automate protection while analyzing critical threats.

Gravityzone Advanced Business Security

Fully Automated, no touch security for any enterprise.

Bitdefender GravityZone

The #1 Unified Security and Risk Analytics Platform
Prevents, detects and responds to all threats that might affect any of your organization’s assets. You get 360 degrees visibility, insights on the risks exposure and the tools to enhance the security posture.

All of these, fully proven!

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Best Solutions For Your Business

Bitdefender security products scale to any size business. All Bitdefender solutions are available directly from Avosec.Please contact us to find out how you can benefit with Bitdefender Resellers Find out more how you and your business can benefit from our Avosec Partner program.

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