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CCleaner for business

Simplify your IT maintenance with CCleaner for business.
Powerful PC cleaning and management for your business.
Simplify your IT maintenance with CClearner for business.

  • Simplify IT maintenance

  • Increase business efficiency

  • Reduce IT costs

  • Enhance security

CCleaner business solutions are adaptable to your needs

Desktop solution

CCleaner Business Edition

  • Ideal for small businesses optimizing locally up to 5 PCs

  • Optimize individual business PCs locally

  • Enhance your business data security

  • Unmanaged solution (under 5 pc’s)

Cloud-based solution

CCleaner Cloud for business

  • Manage all your computers from a single cloud console

  • Access from anywhere and perform remote tasks in batch

  • Enhance your business data security

  • Ideal for companies of all sizes (above 5 pc’s)

CCleaner Cloud for business Powerful PC cleaning and management for your business

Up to 50% decrease in IT costs

20 % Faster than manual cleanup

0% Impact on resources

CCleaner Cloud

Cloud-based version of the award-winning tool CCleaner, designed for IT Managers

Simplify your IT maintenance

Automate PC cleaning tasks, manage them remotely and free up your time for other business-critical IT projects.

Reduce your IT costs

Decrease the number of IT support tickets, extend the life of PC hardware, and get more work done without increasing the size of your IT team.

Increase business efficiency

Increase employee, IT and business productivity with fewer work disturbances and less repetitive, manual IT work.


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