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Maximize Your Cybersecurity with Expert Configuration of Avast Business Hub! For FREE!

As an Avast Business Consultant at Avosec, I cannot overstate the importance of proper configuration of the Avast Business Hub. This platform is a cornerstone of your organization’s cybersecurity defence, acting as a centralized control panel for managing and monitoring your network’s security. Ensuring that the Avast Business Hub is set up correctly is not just a recommendation; it’s a necessity. A correctly configured Hub guarantees that you are utilizing all of Avast’s powerful features to their full potential, thus providing maximum protection against cyber threats. Learn more

Avast Business Security

The new Avast Business Security products come in three levels of protection, Avast Essential Business Security, Avast Premium Business Security and Avast Ultimate Business Security

All Avast Business suits include Avast support and Avast Business Hub to manage your Avast Business Security better.

Avast Business Security protects your business against viruses, ransomware, spyware, zero-second threats, Wi-Fi network vulnerabilities patch management and more. 

The essential online protection you can’t go without. entry level protection for your business using the award winning Avast antivirus engine.

  • Device protection
    blocks dangerous websites, ensures all files and emails are malware free, prevents hackers from accessing your device, and more.
  • Data protection
    Avast keeps personal data safe. Firewall, Network inspection tools block, intrusions by hackers and prevent sensitive data leeks.

Avast Premium Business Security combines our award-winning endpoint protection with VPN and privacy tools to help your employees stay private and safe online.

All the benefits of Avast Essential Business Security with the addition of…

  • Privacy protection
    Security you need to stay productive, no matter where they’re working from.
    Flexible management options
    Protect your business and sensitive data in minutes.

Avast Ultimate Business Security combines our award-winning business antivirus, data protection, our best privacy tools, and automated patch management to keep your devices and applications updated and secure.

  • Secure your devices against threats. 
    Get more peace of mind with Avast business Security antivirus
    Stay secure and private online
  • Avast Business Hub
    Our online management platform makes it easy to manage all your services and security services from one place.
  • Automated patching
    Avast Business Patch Management will automatically address vulnerabilities in your software and third-party applications to keep your business safe.

Boost your business’s cybersecurity with Avast Essential Business Security, Avast Premium Business Security, or Avast Ultimate Business Security. Recognized for superior cybersecurity solutions, Avast Business offers leading internet security software to safeguard your business.

Take advantage of our limited-time introductory price offers!

Elevate your security management by transitioning from AVG CloudCare and Avast CloudCare to the Avosec Distributor model, a step that brings added benefits. To tailor a solution that fits your unique needs and discover the perks of our Antivirus Partner Program, contact the Avosec sales team today.

Contact Avosec’s sales team to discuss your requirements and join our Antivirus Partner Program.


Avosec delivers Partners a service they can rely on.

As a leading antivirus distributor, we deliver the best-of-breed cybersecurity software to our UK Channel resellers/partners.

We bring some of the best antivirus business software products from leading companies, such as Avast, AVG, Malwarebytes, Gdata, Sophos, TrendMicro, Kaspersky, Clearsight and Bitdefender.

All the business antivirus solutions we distribute have been thoroughly tested by Avosec’s technical team, enabling us to offer reseller partner expert knowledge and first-class support.

Becoming a Partner

We deliver best-of-breed antivirus business software solutions, ideal for large and smaller businesses alike, which will maximize your corporate security and profitability!

  • Reliable solutions
  • Advice and knowledge you can trust
  • Competitive pricing
  • Professional consultancy
  • Managed services
  • Technical support
  • Pre-Sales support

Avosec Distribution offers one of the best antivirus partner program in the field, helping antivirus resellers increase their profits with an impressive portfolio of innovative business security software.

What our Partners say about us

Citrus have been a Partner of Avosec for 11 years and offer Avast and AVG solutions to their customers. When asked about his experience with the products and Avosec, Jeremy Stables, Operations Manager said: ” Our dealings with Avosec have been good from the start and they are extremely easy to deal with. Avast pricing is competitive and the discounts we receive from Avosec are very attractive. This, with the excellent quick sales assistance and technical support assistance from Avosec, has always solved any issue that arise quickly”. 
Jeremy Stables – Operations Manager – Citrus computing Ltd

“Very easy and efficient throughout the entire purchase and delivery of the product. Staff go the extra mile to push through orders that are of an urgent nature. Very happy with the service!”
— Network UK Consultancy

“Avosec have been very competitive with their pricing and fast with their quotes. Internal account management is fantastic, and the support for any technical queries has been rapid and the advice good – very happy”.
— ISL Office Solutions


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