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With over 30 years of experience in Security and Software Distribution, we believe Partnering with Avosec offers unrivalled technical and sales support to you and your customers, enabling you to be more profitable.


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Our Partners define who we are. Join our antivirus partner program today and become an Avosec reseller. Work with some of the best Internet security software products on the market such as Avast, AVG and Bitdefender and begin your journey to joint success with Avosec.

Avast Business antivirus & AVG Business Edition antivirus protection: The best antivirus security software packages for your business from the world’s largest threat detection network

An antivirus solution that combines the power of 400 million endpoints with unique detection algorithms and a comprehensive feature set makes Avast Business Antivirus  and AVG Business Antivirus the best cyber security software today, ideal for large and small businesses. With speed and reliability faster than any other software, Avast and AVG antivirus can immediately detect and block threats and is one of the best antivirus software for businesses on the market.

Your business can’t afford to stay unprotected

With over 4,000 attacks a day, it’s only a matter of time until your business becomes a target. Fight back with the best — Avast Business Antivirus and AVG Business Antivirus Software are exceptional solutions both for large and small businesses, offering Internet security protection with a 100% malware detection rate.

Avosec is the leading Avast antivirus and AVG distributor. Having partnered with the best antivirus vendors in the field, we deliver AVG & Avast Antivirus UK sales and support to businesses for optimum endpoints and data security protection.

Avast Business
Antivirus Software

-Provides high Internet Security for every business
-Protects PC’s, Macs and Servers
-Ideal antivirus solution both for large & smaller businesses
-Light & powerful antivirus business software
-Easy-to-use friendly user interface



Avast Business
Antivirus Pro

-The Best Internet Security Software for businesses
-Protects your business’ PC’s, Macs and Servers
-Light & powerful antivirus business software style
-Ideal antivirus solution both for large smaller businesses
-Easy-to-use friendly user interface
-SharePoint and Exchange server protection

Avast Business
Antivirus Pro Plus

-The Best Internet Security Software for businesses
-Protects your business’ PC’s, Macs and servers
-Light and powerful antivirus business software
-Ideal antivirus solution both for large & smaller businesses
-Easy-to-use friendly user interface
-Includes Firewall, Cybercapture, VPN, Password Manager and much more

A Distribution Partner should deliver Antivirus Resellers a service they can rely on.

Join our antivirus partner program today and we believe you will see an immediate difference with Avosec’s sales & support team.

As leading antivirus distributors, we deliver the best-of-breed Antivirus cybersecurity software to our UK Channel resellers. We bring some of the best antivirus business software products by leading companies in the field such as Avast, AVG, Clearsight and Bitdefender.

All business antivirus solutions we distribute have been thoroughly tested by Avosec’s technical team, enabling us to offer the resellers we partner with expert knowledge and first-class support.

Becoming a Partner

We deliver best-of-breed antivirus business software solutions, ideal for large but smaller businesses as well, that will maximize your corporate security and profitability!

-Reliable Solutions
-Advice and knowledge you can trust
-Competitive pricing

Avosec Distribution offers one of the best antivirus partners program in the field, helping antivirus resellers increase their profits with an impressive portfolio of innovative business security software.

What our Partners say about us

“Very easy and efficient throughout the entire purchase and delivery of the product. Staff go the extra mile to push through orders that are of an urgent nature. Very happy with the service!”
— Network UK Consultancy

“Avosec have been very competitive with their pricing and fast with their quotes. Internal account management is fantastic, and the support for any technical queries has been rapid and the advice good – very happy”.
— ISL Office Solutions

Move your customers to Avast Business Antivirus, Avast Business Antivirus Pro and Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus, the best-of-breed Internet Security Software for Businesses.

Receive exclusive introductory discounts!

Transfer your AVG Cloudcare and Avast Cloudcare to the Avosec Distributor model and receive additional benefits.

Contact Avosec’s sales team now to discuss your requirements and join our Antivirus Partner Program.


Making Ransomware Obsolete

NeuShield Data Sentinel is the revolutionary anti-ransomware protection software that does more than just detecting ransomware threat;

NeuShield will recover your system’s data, enabling your organisation to recover quickly from a ransom attack with a click of a mouse.


Avosec Exclusively Brings NeuShield Sentinel software to the UK, a brand new anti-ransomware product for the UK and a partner opportunity not to be missed!

Neushield Ransomware Protection


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