Avosec Partner Program

Partner Success Teamwork

At Avosec, Partners are our most valuable asset. We don’t consider our Partners an outlet for selling products, but an integral part of the Avosec team.


Avosec’s product portfolio

Avosec has strategic alliances with the industry’s leading cybersecurity vendors and our comprehensive range now encompasses Endpoint Security, Antivirus Storage, Security, Antispam, Data Recovery, Online Backup, Internet Gateway Security, enabling us to provide complete solutions for your entire information technology security needs.

Industry-leading sales floor expertise

One of the industry’s most experienced sales floor with product knowledge that’s unrivalled, with some staff having over 20 years loyal experience advising customers. All our customers are assigned dedicated account managers and a ‘no voicemail’ policy ensures there’s always someone to talk to always.

Certified and knowledgeable product managers

We are the most experienced Avast and AVG distributor in the UK. Our product knowledge rivals that of the vendor in many instances. We are here to help you with all the product knowledge and training you need!

Consultancy Configuration Services

At our Configuration Centre our qualified engineers can setup your security management server to best practice standards, ensuring the perfect start point for your cybersecurity threat management.

Total Finance

We offer credit services designed to work for you. We will explore every available avenue to help you obtain the right credit line for your business subject to credit checks. Whether you need credit for a large corporate deal or a small launch, we have the credit solution that is right for you. We work with Credit Cards, PAYPAL and BACS.


Avosec vendors and customers enjoy access to our dedicated in-house marketing team helping them get maximum exposure for their products via our relationships with leading industry publications both online and offline. We are able to do do marketing shots to your customer base and ensure the leads are filtered to you for closure, we make things easy and are always here to help you improve your revenue.

Let us help you achieve

Increased Revenue under challenging times

How can you increase revenues?
Partners are, more than ever, facing a challenging market. Competition is intense, and hesitation in spending is increasing.

Avosec enables you to offer a cost-effective solution backed by high margins and as much pre-sales assistance you require to close the deal. This makes you a compelling choice for new customers. Whilst keeping your costs lean, you can increase your turnover potential with our expert help.

Develop and evolve your business

Whether you are a hardware or software Reseller, or if your business is an IT Support company, you will know very well the everyday challenges you face. Fluctuating earnings, slim margins, and difficulties introducing new solutions pro-actively are daily problems to overcome.

Avosec can support you in sales, marketing and product support to demonstrate the solutions we offer. We can also do this under your company name. We can help create opportunities that are smoother and more predictable to deliver revenue. We can enable you to recruit and get onboard customers more rapidly and with less effort.

Become a Avosec Partner

We will assist in evolving your business with more revenue and increased margins. Our partners can take advantage of:

Deal Registration, Special Pricing, Pre-sales Demos, Trials, NFRs and Promotions not available elsewhere.

We accept various payment methods.

We bring 20 years expertise and a proven track-record of long-term Partnerships.

Avosec is the Distribution Partner of choice.

Partner Application