Deceptive Bytes


Shaping Attackers Decision Making

Deceptive Bytes provides an innovative solution against threats in enterprises’ most critical and exposed assets, their endpoints!

The solution is a fully endpoint-centric prevention/deception platform that creates dynamic & deceiving information, responds to the evolving nature of advanced threat landscape and interferes with attackers attempts to recon the environment that deters them from executing their malicious intents, through all the stages of compromise in the Attack Kill Chain – covering advanced & sophisticated malware techniques, constantly making sure all the endpoints & data in the enterprise are secured.

Preemptive & Proactive

  • Prevents unknown & sophisticated threats

  • Very high prevention & detection rates

  • Real-time detection & response


  • Extremely low resource consumption (CPU, RAM)

  • System-wide protection with pinpoint handling

  • Deploys in seconds


  • NO constant updates

  • Can operate outside the corporate network

  • Stop millions of threats using 1 defence evasion technique


  • High stability – operates in User-mode

  • Automatically approves legitimate processes

  • Low to a non-existing false positive rate

About Deceptive Bytes


Deceptive Bytes is a cybersecurity company that specializes in endpoint security and threat deception. They provide solutions that help organizations protect their networks, devices, and data from cyber threats. Their products and services focus on proactively preventing, detecting, and mitigating cyber attacks using advanced deception techniques and real-time threat intelligence.

Deceptive Bytes’ main product is an endpoint protection platform that uses deception technology to trick cyber attackers into revealing their presence. This is achieved by deploying decoys and traps throughout an organization’s network, which can appear as legitimate assets, such as files, applications, and systems. When attackers interact with these decoys, the system can detect, analyze, and respond to the threat in real-time, while also gathering valuable threat intelligence.

The platform is designed to be lightweight and easy to deploy, with minimal impact on system performance. It can be integrated with existing security solutions, such as SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems, and supports a wide range of devices, including Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.

In addition to their endpoint protection platform, Deceptive Bytes provides services like threat intelligence, incident response, and training to help organizations improve their security posture.


Malware is very clever and evasive, using different techniques to evade detection and analysis by security systems & researchers.

Today’s cyber defences suffer from a backwards-looking & pattern/signature–matching design construct.


Finds indicators to target’s location & assets, navigates inside the organization.


Querying the system for relevant information prior to attacking the endpoint or corporate network.

It contains payloads to evade current security tools and stops malicious behaviour upon possible detection.

Deceptive Bytes