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NeuShield® Data Sentinel

Making Ransomeware Obsolete

Neushield Data Sentinel enables an organisation to recover quickly from a Ransom Attack with a click of a mouse.

Introducing NeuShield Data Sentinel by Avosec: A game-changing solution now available in the UK, presenting a lucrative partner opportunity


Discover the power of NeuShield's award-winning Mirror Shielding™ technology for instant data recovery, eliminating the need for backup or rollback. Safeguard against cyber threats like corruption, deletion, or ransomware encryption. With NeuShield Data Sentinel, your data remains secure and never held hostage again. Get cyber threat insurance against ransomware today


Restore your computer to a secure state before ransomware infection with ease. Admins can reverse undesirable alterations and eliminate malicious software installed by viruses, malware, or ransomware attacks. Benefit from remote file reversion and Mirror Shielding™ technology to effortlessly undo any file or folder changes.


Can you rely 100% on Antivirus? We both know the answer to that question.

What if you are hit by Ransomware, your files encrypted. Your business is damaged, money lost, data stollen?

If you have NeuShield Data Sentinel in place then you can forget the damage, money loss.

Click, your back in business literally.

Zero Day Attack Coming?

You have Antivirus software GREAT! Detection of viruses has a lag and Many systems are infected for a while before detection i`ve got Antivirus i`m safe! Fatal mind set with ransomware Antivirus relies on samples to create detection. Detecting ransomware after infection is too late The Damage is already done…Enter NeuShield Data Sentinel

What is NeuShield Data Sentinel?

NeuShield Data Sentinel:

• Instantly recovers the users data
• Saves time by returning the computer to a clean state
• Recovers data when attack cannot be detected

What’s Unique:

• Patent pending Mirror Shielding™ technology
• The system Restores without needing a backup
• Repairs without detection using NeuShield Data Recovery


Despite significant investments in layered security, ransomware continues to plague many companies due to its increasingly targeted nature. Enter NeuShield Data Sentinel, offering a novel approach to data protection. By establishing a protective shield between files and applications, it ensures that original files remain intact even when subjected to ransomware or other malicious alterations. Unlike traditional backup solutions, NeuShield's innovative Mirror Shielding™ technology preserves original files without the need for backups, thereby minimizing disk usage and performance overhead. Experience unparalleled file protection with minimal additional disk activity (I/O) using NeuShield Data Sentinel.

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