NeuShield® Data Sentinel

Making Ransomeware Obsolete


For many companies, an attack could set them back more than six months. We needed a remediation tool to get our customers up and running quickly. NeuShield Data Sentinel gives us that piece of mind.

Neushield Data Sentinel enables an organisation to recover quickly from a Ransom Attack with a click of a mouse.


Avosec Brings NeuShield Data Sentinel to the UK.
A brand new product for the UK and a Partner opportunity not to be missed!


The NeuShield’s award-winning
Mirror Shielding™ technology
enables you to recover your data
instantly, without relying on
backup or rollback, from any kind
of corruption, deletion, or
encryption due to cyberattacks or ramsomware.
Your data will never be held
hostage again.

NeuShield Data Sentinel provides Cyberthreat insurance against Ransomware.


Brings the computer back to a known good state, before it became infected by Ransomware.
The admin is able to revert undesired changes to your computers and removes malicious applications that have been installed by a virus, malware or ransomeware attack.

Remote revert files
Mirror Shielding™ technology
Can undo any change to a file or folder that was made


Can you rely 100% on Antivirus?

We both know the answer to that question.

What if you are hit by Ransomware, your files encrypted. Your business is damaged, money lost, data stollen?

If you have NeuShield Data Sentinel in place then you can forget the damage, money loss.

Click, your back in business literally.

Zero Day Attack Coming?

You have Antivirus software GREAT!
Detection of viruses has a lag and Many systems are infected for a while before detection

i`ve got Antivirus i`m safe! Fatal mind set with ransomware
Antivirus relies on samples to create detection.

Detecting ransomware after infection is too late

The Damage is already done…Enter NeuShield Data Sentinel

What is NeuShield Data Sentinel?

NeuShield Data Sentinel:
• Instantly recovers all user data
• Saves time by returning the computer to a known good state
• Recovers data when attack cannot be detected

What’s Unique:
• Patent pending Mirror Shielding™ technology
• Restores without a backup
• Repairs without detection


Why are so many companies getting hit with ransomware even though they have made significant investments in a layered security model? The reason is because ransomware is getting more targeted. The solution, a new approach to data protection.
NeuShield Data Sentinel takes a completely different approach by creating a protective shield between our files and applications. When ransomware or other applications make changes, the original files stay intact allowing users to revert any unwanted change that has been made. While other products create backup copies of your files which, can dramatically increase disk usage and cause a significant performance overhead, NeuShield’s revolutionary Mirror Shielding™ technology can preserve the original file without requiring a backup, which allows Data Sentinel to protect files with virtually no additional disk activity (I/O).

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