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Avast Patch Management

Avast Patch Management

Don’t be Vulnerable to attack!

Streamline and automate the patching process to save time and reduce costs. Benefit from patching support for Windows and thousands of widely used third-party applications.


Patch vulnerabilities efficiently by identifying susceptible machines and deploying updates with a single click from the Avast Business Hub Console.

Is your current defense strategy leaving you exposed?

Exploiting unpatched software vulnerabilities continues to be one of the primary strategies employed by hackers to infiltrate systems. Cybercriminals frequently target outdated software because they know these vulnerabilities are often well-documented, making them relatively easy to exploit. When software vendors release patches or updates to address security flaws, organizations that delay or neglect to implement these updates leave their systems exposed.

Hackers are well aware of this lag time and use automated tools to scan networks for systems with known vulnerabilities. Once found, these weaknesses provide a convenient entry point, allowing attackers to bypass security measures, escalate their privileges, and compromise sensitive data. The persistence of unpatched software in many organizations underscores the importance of robust patch management practices, as proactive updating remains a critical defense against these opportunistic cyber threats.

Why Avast Business Patch Management?

Save time with automation

Distribute thoroughly tested patches to thousands of machines in minutes, with minimal impact on your network.

Third-party application patching

Patching support for Microsoft Windows and thousands of popular vendors like iTunes®, Oracle® Java, Adobe® Flash® and Reader, and more.

Remote patching

Patch all devices anywhere—whether they’re behind the firewall, on the road, at remote sites, or even asleep.

Centralize management

Manage all Microsoft Windows and thousands of third-party software updates from a single cloud-based platform.

Mitigate and close vulnerabilities

Achieve compliance, mitigate exploits, close vulnerabilities, and remotely deploy software and Windows updates.

Why Avast Business Patch Management?

Proven, industry-leading patch management that keeps all your Windows systems and third-party apps up-to-date with the latest patches.

Avast Patch Management and AVG Patch Management are available to purchase new or renew via Avosec.

Since 2002, Avosec has been the leading distribution partner for Avast.

In partnerships, experience and customer service are significantly influenced by value-added knowledge.

With our comprehensive product expertise, drawn from extensive firsthand experience and a deep understanding of Avast’s antivirus solutions for businesses, we are well-equipped to deliver outstanding support. As the sole Avast partner in Europe capable of providing 2nd and 3rd line support and Avast SOC services, Avosec is your assurance that your business remains secure.

As the UK’s most experienced Avast distributor, our product knowledge is second only to that of the vendor itself. Our dedicated team is always available to offer the support and guidance you require. From helping you select the most suitable business antivirus solution to providing technical assistance, Avosec has you covered.

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