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Fortytwo helps companies safeguard their valuable data by performing security scans that analyse the risks and vulnerabilities of computer systems and networks.

Fortytwo Security Scans

Our highly skilled team uses cutting-edge technology for automated and manual testing. We know exactly what organisations need to prevent data breaches and fight cyber attacks. To understand the risks of the various components in your IT infrastructure, Fortytwo offers customized Security Scans that suit your organisation’s needs, including:

  • Gap Analysis

  • Impact Analysis data

  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

  • Vulnerability Scans

  • Compliance Checks

  • Reporting

A security scan is a good start to check your security status. Installing only a firewall or virus scanner is rarely sufficient to provide adequate protection against security risks. With regular cyber check-ups and scans, you can protect your organisation and safeguard your sensitive data.

During a scan, we check your network diagram, server documentation and we provide a detailed report on the security risks and vulnerabilities of your IT infrastructure. It is a quick analysis of potential security leaks, network risks and security issues.

Cyber security importance

Research shows that at least 21% of all companies face security incidents (Digibewust). And 90% of companies are insufficiently prepared against cyber attacks (WEF). In 2016 only there has been a 40% increase in data breaches (ITRC).

Why do you need a Security Quickscan?

The Fortytwo Security Quickscan is developed for companies who like more insights on their security status. These Scans can be used for:

  • Due diligence

  • Acceptation (insurance)

  • Compliance & accountancy needs

  • Accountability (GDPR)

FortyTwo Security

Trusted in Information Security

How we support you.

Fortytwo offers multiple options for security scanning, from a quick scan of potential risks to a more in-depth assessment. We can customise the scan, depending on your company’s needs.
Our Security Quickscan provides quick insight into the current state of security. Fortytwo will ask for documentation in network topology and information policy. This data will be analysed, and Fortytwo will provide a report of vulnerabilities and security risks of the particular IT infrastructure.


The more extensive version, the Fortytwo Security Scan, also includes an assessment of the design of firewalls and networks.
In addition, we check for compliance with GDPR. The lead-time of Fortytwo Security Scan is approximately 3 working days after acceptance of the Assignment. The Fortytwo Full Scan is the most comprehensive scan and consists of all the activities of the Security Quickscan and Security Scan. It also includes an onsite visit and a check on physical and logical security.

Potential Security Risks

Actual Security Risks

Physical and Logistic Security


  • Network diagram
  • Technical documentation
  • Information policy
  • Network diagram
  • Technical documentation
  • Information policy
  • Network diagram
  • Technical documentation
  • Information policy


  • Firewalls
  • Network components
  • Vulnerability scan
  • Impact analysis data

*PCI Compliance

  • Vulnerability scan
  • Impact analysis data
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

*PCI Compliance


  • Configurations
  • External Access
  • Configurations
  • Onsite quick scan (1 day part)
  • Compliance check GDPR
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Onsite audit (2 days)
  • Compliance check PCI DSS
  • Compliance check GDPR/ISO
    Data assessment


Based on the results, Fortytwo provides you with a detailed digital report that can assist in getting compliant to PCI DSS requirements or GDPR

More information

Qualified engineers perform the Fortytwo Security Quickscan, Security Scan and Full Scan. For more information, please contact Avosec Sales Team

About Fortytwo Security

Fortytwo Security is a trusted information security firm. Our experienced team of security consultants and auditors are registered PCI DSS QSA’s and CISSP certified. We perform various security assessments, audits, penetration tests and consultancy for all type of companies.

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