Year: 2020

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Threat in security?

Is the user the weakest link in security? When examining breaches, we can almost always point to users practicing poor security — how can we change this? Put simply, most people believe that the weakest link in the security supply chain is the user. This attitude has become so widely accepted that it’s almost set […]

Avast Antivirus Free download

Avast Free antivirus delivers home user protection Everyone has the right to virus protection online, which is why Avast offers its free antivirus to millions of people around the world. Avast Free offers basic antivirus protection only. Expect to see advertisements for paid version upgrades from time to time. It’s a great product, and it’s […]

Voter Freedom or suppression

VOTER FREEDOM OR SUPPRESSION Exploring voter suppression and voter fraud in the Trump campaign U.S. election security is always a concern, and sometimes eyes fall on Russian intervention or North Korean. So let us get another update on election security as we divide within the ranks and Voter Fraud in the November count. New concerns […]

Trusted Cloud?

TRUSTED CLOUD? The cloud is popular with small businesses for storage and remote data access, but how safe is it? Whether you’re launching a startup or have been running an SMB for years, you need to understand the technology that you use and the security measures you have in place. All businesses have the ethical […]

New SOC goes live!

New SOC goes live! Avosec’s new security operations centre ensures users have 360-degree cybersecurity protection July 14th, 1:55 AM EDT London, UK – July 14, 2020 – COVID-19 has brought change to every aspect of life. Businesses are closed, staff are working remotely, and the global economy has slowed significantly. While many business sectors have […]

Avast Internet Security

How to effectively sell antivirus software to businesses Avast Antivirus delivers multi-platform internet security applications developed in house for Microsoft Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Avast Antivirus products range from the freeware to the paid versions that deliver computer security, browser security, antivirus protection, antispyware, software firewall, anti-phishing and anti-spam. Avast launched a free business […]

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