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Customisable Cyber-security & Business insurance by monthly subscription

Why get cover with Superscript?

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Superscript offer Customisable Cyber-security & Business Insurance by monthly subscription

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Customisable Cyber-security & Business Insurance by monthly subscription

You’ve invested time and money in IT security practices and security measures, but you know no system is foolproof.
According to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey, in 2019 almost half of all businesses in the UK reported cybersecurity breaches or attacks.* Yet despite this, only a small proportion have dedicated cyber insurance.
To help you upgrade your business’s cybersecurity, we’ve partnered with Superscript, emerging risks specialist and five-star business insurance provider to bring you marketing-leading cyber insurance, starting at just £10.79 a month.
Superscript’s cover is:


The online quotation process guides you through the product options to help you build cover that’s right for you. If you’re only looking for cyber cover, you can select just that. If you’re looking for a few different products, you can add them all to one policy.


No need to worry about what cover you’ll need in half a year’s time. Superscript’s monthly subscription set up makes it easy (and penalty-free) to update your cover from month to month. Or cancel it. You can start with just cyber, and add other cover as and when you need it.


The process takes less than 10 minutes, and you’ll immediately be able to log into your online account to get your policy documents and view all the policy details.

If you are an enterprise customer and require any custom requirements then please contact us and a member of the enterprise team will be happy to get in contact with you and discuss your requirements.



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