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BitdefenderDefeat Threats. Drive Performance. Deliver Control

Bitdefender is the creator of one of the industry’s fastest and most effective lines of internationally certified security software. Since its inception in 2001, Bitdefender has continued to raise the bar and set new standards in proactive threat prevention, emerging as the industry’s anti-malware innovator. Every day, Bitdefender protects tens of millions of home and corporate users across the globe — giving them the peace of mind of knowing that their digital experiences will be secure.

ESET Business Solutions

ESET Business SolutionsWhen it comes to business security, ESET has it covered.

Need to safeguard endpoints, servers, or your company mobile fleet? Our portfolio of business antivirus, encryption and authentication products feature proven solutions, utilising our award-winning scanning engine that keeps company data a safe distance from threats.

ESET Endpoint Antivirus

Time-tested Antivirus for Endpoints

Fast, yet light protection for company workstations against internet threats

  • Antivirus and Antispyware counters online and offline threats with award-winning precision.
  • Device Control prevents malware entering the company network on memory sticks and other media.
  • Cloud-powered Scanning swiftly and efficiently identifies dangerous code before it can do harm.

ESET Endpoint Security

Complete Protection for Endpoints

Antivirus and Antispyware protection combined with advanced security features.

  • Firewall shields company data in public Wi-Fi and prevents foreign interference.
  • Device Control prevents malware entering the company network on memory sticks and other media.
  • Web Control allows to block employee access to selected website categories.
  • Antispam keeps company inboxes free of junk emails.

ESET Endpoint Security for Android

Mobile Security for Your Business

Specialized protection for company smartphones and the data they hold.

  • Anti-Theft shields company data in public Wi-Fi and prevents foreign interference.
  • Antimalware prevents malware entering the company network on memory sticks and other media.
  • Call Blocking allows to block employee access to selected website categories.
  • SMS/MMS Antispam keeps phones clear of unwanted messages and media content.

ESET Secure Authentication

Protects Network Access

Safeguards company data as they are accessed by staff.

  • Software-only Solution
    Simple app that can be used with ease from anywhere and eliminates the need to carry additional devices or tokens.
  • Simple, Yet Effective
    Company network is protected with powerful, unique one-time passwords, delivered to employee phones.

ESET Remote Administrator

Manages Security from One Location

Cuts time and effort in managing security.

  • Controls Security Centrally Makes it possible to deploy and manage security on 1000s of devices. These can include company workstations, laptops,
    servers and smartphones.
  • Fast, Flexible Response Puts critical network information at your fingertips.

ESET Server Solutions

Your Servers, Protected

Our battle-proven solutions protect servers at the file, mail, and gateway level.

  • ESET Gateway Security for Kerio Control, Linux / BSD / Solaris
  • ESET Gateway Security for Microsoft Exchange, Linux / BSD / Solaris, Kerio Connect and Lotus Domino
  • ESET Gateway Security for Windows File Servers and Linux File Servers

Kaspersky LabWe are here to save the world.

Kaspersky Lab is the world’s largest privately held cyber-security company offering endpoint protection solutions to consumers and businesses around the globe.

Kaspersky Lab seeks to deliver the world’s most immediate protection against IT security threats, including malware, spam, hackers, DDoS attacks, sophisticated cyber-espionage tools, and cyber-weapons that target countries’ critical infrastructure with potentially catastrophic consequences

Why choose Kaspersky:

A single security architecture. Built from the ground up.
While many security vendors are acquiring technologies and bolting them together, industry analysts are saying Kaspersky Lab’s business protection solutions are ‘built right, rather than bought.’ What makes Kaspersky Lab unique is our fully integrated approach to reactive, proactive and cloud-based protection technologies within a single architecture. Built from the ground up means Kaspersky Lab customers benefit from exceptionally deep and intelligent protection with the elegance of a single, comprehensive and highly granular security management center. Easier deployments. Greater control. And extraordinary visibility across the enterprise.

Always a leader.
Kaspersky Lab has been recognized for technical superiority more than many other anti-malware vendors combined –

  • The greatest number of gold and platinum awards across all testing categories since 2004 from third party Anti-Malware Test Lab.
  • More than 50 passing scores on the rigorous VB100 testing regimen since 2000.
  • The Checkmark Platinum Product Award from West Coast Labs.

Kaspersky Lab has also won praise from across the IT security industry along with many awards for maintaining a world-class program for IT Solution providers in every region around the globe.

Kaspersky inside.
Don’t take our word for it. Listen to the more than 130 IT, networking, security, and communications vendors that have made us the #1 anti-malware OEM provider in the world. Companies like Microsoft, IBM, Checkpoint, Juniper and others have placed their trust in Kaspersky Lab and have chosen to embed our anti-malware technology inside their own solutions. Chances are you could be using Kaspersky Lab technology in your organization today and not even realise it.

The best of breed protection for millions.
Protecting 400,000,000 endpoints globally and growing by 500,000 more each day, IDC says Kaspersky Lab is the fastest growing endpoint security company in the world. With thousands of employees based in every corner of the world, Kaspersky Lab is 100% dedicated to building the most advanced malware detection methods by fully understanding cybercriminal trends and always staying ahead of the threats.

All around the world today, companies and individuals have embraced Kaspersky Lab’s premium anti-malware protection to help keep them safe. This is our passion and our mission. We are a company dedicated to ensuring that you and your organization will always be ready for what’s next. There is a difference.

McAfee SecuritySafe is not a privilege. It is a right.

McAfee is the world’s largest dedicated security technology company. Delivering proactive and proven solutions and services that help secure systems and networks around the world, McAfee protects consumers and businesses of all sizes from the latest malware and emerging online threats. Our solutions are designed to work together, integrating antimalware, antispyware, and antivirus software with security management features that deliver unsurpassed real-time visibility and analytics, reduce risk, ensure compliance, improve Internet security, and help businesses achieve operational efficiencies.

Business & Technology Solutions

Cloud Security
McAfee Cloud Security helps you safely and confidently leverage cloud computing services and solutions.

McAfee’s optimized Compliance solutions help you meet industry and government regulations efficiently and easily. With individual solutions for EMEA regulations, North American regulations, PCI compliance, and policy lifecycle management, McAfee covers the compliance spectrum, simplifying the process and saving you time, effort, and expense.

Comprehensive Threat Protection
Comprehensive threat protection uses an orchestrated approach to block attacks from entering through endpoints, web, email, and network systems or spreading from compromised hosts. It makes it easy to integrate and manage real-time, context-aware, multi-engine defenses as an end-to-end system. Your defenses can neutralize suspicious files or behaviors at the forefront of cyber threats and data theft.

Consumerization of IT
Consumer-owned devices are the new norm in today’s enterprises. This consumerization of IT trend is driving new technology, resulting in the accelerated convergence of IT and consumer electronics, and leading to potential new security risks. McAfee solutions help organizations increase the visibility of consumer-owned devices and mobile apps, and safely control and monitor how they are utilized.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure
McAfee provides situational awareness and protective controls across enterprise IT, SCADA, and ICS zones with native device and application support, while demonstrating continuous compliance. With controls across data, network, and endpoint systems, including ICS applications and protocols, McAfee offers the only solutions that correlate events and detect malicious activity crossing zones.

Embedded Security
McAfee security solutions for embedded devices help manufacturers of all types of embedded systems protect their products from malware and attacks by hackers and cybercriminals. McAfee solutions include application whitelisting, device management, anti-malware protection, Global Threat Intelligence, and encryption.

McAfee and Intel Hardware-Enhanced Security
The combination of McAfee and Intel brings fresh innovation to secure the future of computing and the Internet. McAfee and Intel are uniquely capable to deliver hardware-assisted security solutions under the McAfee Security Connected Framework, providing a deeper level of security beyond the operating system.

Risk Management
McAfee Risk Management solutions deliver a complete look at your risk posture while reducing the complexity and cost of controlling risk.

Secure Mobility
McAfee delivers comprehensive mobile security solutions for consumers, enterprises, mobile device manufacturers, and service providers, ensuring device protection in a case of loss or theft and compliance with corporate IT requirements.

Security for Apple Devices
McAfee security for home and business users protects Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices from a variety of threats and risks. Explore the full range of McAfee security for Apple devices.

Security Management Platform
Our Security Management Platform intelligently connects dynamic context from global threat intelligence, enterprise risk, and system security posture in real time.

McAfee virtualization solutions deliver security and compliance specifically designed and optimized for virtualized environments, helping enterprises realize their expected operational returns.

Web 2.0
McAfee Web 2.0 solutions ensure safe, productive access to Web 2.0-enabled applications. Our comprehensive security solutions block attacks, prevent data loss, and help monitor web usage to guide policies and ease compliance.

Trend MicroSmart, simple security that fits

As a global leader in IT security, Trend Micro develops innovative security solutions that make the world safe for businesses and consumers to exchange digital information. With over 25 years of security expertise, we’re recognized as the market leader in server security, cloud security, and small business content security.

Trend Micro security fits the needs of our customers and partners. Our solutions protect end users on any device, optimize security for the modern data center, and secure networks against breaches from targeted attacks. We deliver top-ranked client-server, network, and cloud-based protection that stops new threats faster, detects breaches better, and protects data in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Trend Micro Security:

Datacenter & Cloud
Comprehensive server security provides adaptive protection for systems and applications across physical, virtual, and cloud servers. And encryption and key management secures data stored in the cloud, and in physical and virtual environments.

  • Server Security: defends the data center with server security that prevents data theft, business disruptions, and compliance violations.
  • Cloud Security: combines a server security platform with encryption and key management to secure systems, applications, and data in the cloud.

Endpoint & Mobile Devices
A security framework for physical and virtual desktops, smartphones, and tablets includes anti-malware, intrusion defense, and data loss prevention solutions.

  • Endpoint Security: Secures any endpoint—mobile devices, laptops and computers—while reducing the impact on endpoint resources. Provides the flexibility to deploy protection as an on-premise or hosted solution, and add encryption capabilities.
  • Mobile Security: Provides enterprise security and control for consumer—grade personal devices—such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones—that many employees are opting to use in the workplace.

Messaging & Collaboration
Protection for email, collaboration, and IM systems combine, on-premise privacy and control with cloud-based reputation services that stop threats in real time—before they strike your network.

  • Messaging Security: stops spam, phishing, viruses, spyware, and inappropriate content in email security with flexible support for form factors and operating systems.
  • Collaboration Security: guards against threats in instant messaging and collaboration systems to enable safe collaborative environments for improved productivity.

Web & Network
Network-wide detection and analysis combat today’s sophisticated Internet threats that can evade conventional perimeter security, while web security provides the protection and visibility needed to understand network risks.

  • Web Security: defends against Internet threats at the gateway, while application visibility helps manage the risks of accessing cloud-based consumer applications in the workplace.
  • Network Security: Protects networks from advanced targeted and zero-day attacks with a proactive process of real-time threat visibility and intelligence.

Security & Risk Management
Enterprise-wide security management coordinates across your security portfolio and proactive threat and vulnerability management lowers the risks from advanced threats.

  • Security Management: creates an integrated, centrally managed security framework that offers simplified administration, improved security intelligence, and lower security
  • Risk Management: uses network-wide automated incident detection, analysis, and remediation to defend against zero-day malware, APTs, and other targeted attacks.

Data Security
A wide range of solutions and modules encrypt, control, and protect private data and intellectual property across your network, minimizing the risk of damage, loss, and unauthorized access.

  • Data Loss Prevention: Makes it easy to discover, monitor, and protect confidential data and intellectual property from insider threats, data-stealing malware, and hackers.
  • Encryption: Keeps private data and intellectual property safe—wherever it resides—from endpoint to cloud.

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