Avosec Managed Services

IT Security Management is a challenging task. Let us take the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on your business!

Our Managed security and data services are here to aid day-to-day related management responsibilities of your solutions and to ensure that the critical defences and data is managed by trained professionals. We aim to improve your data retention and security by way of strategic methods which lead to an increased effectiveness and overall performance improvement of your daily operations.

  • Software as a service
  • Web and mail filtering / protection
  • Vulnerability management service
  • Encryption
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Email and File archiving
  • Backup & Archiving
  • Device control

Customers achieve savings while improving their IT services by outsourcing part or the whole of their IT Security to Avosec.

We can manage all of your IT Security remotely or by a combination of remote and onsite access by our engineers when we deem necessary. Projects can include your Backup solutions, Firewalls Security, Antispam and content filtering. Alternatively, we can manage your AV policies only or a combination of two or more of your IT security sections.

You can take away the difficulty in maintaining your IT Security by allowing our managed service team to manage all your IT Security, from Firewalls to Intrusion prevention, Antispam, Content filtering, Data Lost prevention, Backup solutions, Network access control, encryption management, authentication, compliance and so on…

Avosec has expert engineers with years of experience in all areas of IT Security. They provide our services to large global organisations and UK government sectors. We deliver the products and services of all the major IT Security Vendors.

By choosing Avosec you achieve complete peace of mind. IT Security products are becoming more and more complex and in order to meet existing and future security threats, IT security policies and settings need to be of the highest standards and capabilities. This is virtually impossible for small to medium companies. However, it is also a challenge for large corporate organisations to maintain a large force of IT engineers who will have the necessary master qualifications and experience to install, configure, manage, maintain and keep up-to-date all various complex IT Security products required to protect a network efficiently.

By outsourcing your IT Security to Avosec, using our Managed security services, you can be sure that the engineers working on your environment will have the latest training and hands on experience to set up and maintain your IT Security environment to its full capabilities.

You can select to outsource specific security projects individually, like desk top security or firewalls on their own, or you can outsource a combination of security products in your environment. We cater for bespoke solutions which will include management, maintenance and support as per your specific requirements.

We can help you with all your IT Security requirements by using Avosec security managed services.

Please contact us for a specialist account manager to discuss your IT Security and how we can help you.