Protection for small and midsize businesses 

Worry-Free Services Suites

Simple, complete protection for your endpoints and beyond


Prepare for, withstand, and rapidly recover from threats

  • Hybrid Cloud Security >

Secure your physical, virtual, cloud, and container environments more effectively with a single solution. Simple. Automated. Improved visibility and control.

Network Defense >

Detect and protect against known and unknown vulnerabilities with cross-generational protection techniques.


User Protection >

Protect your users with the right technique at the right time with simplified security that gives you increased visibility and a faster response to attacks. 


Clearsight Management Console

-Update and deploy automatically
-Discover whats on your network
-Configure your machines

Clearsight gives you and easy to view interface that displayes your machines protected, versions and definitions.

MGM Allows you admin to control all aspects of the CS Endpoint Protection within your company.