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Endpoint protection for businesses

Times are changing, and antivirus alone is no longer enough to fully protect your company from ever-evolving malware and sophisticated hacker attacks. Cyberthreats continue to grow - but we’re growing stronger.


What is endpoint protection?

Truly securing your business goes beyond protecting laptops. Our advanced endpoint protection ensures that all devices with network access are protected from hackers and malware. And it’s more than just antivirus. Our Patch Management solution lets you easily deploy critical patches to fix vulnerabilities and security gaps in Windows and other application software, keeping networks protected.


Multi-layered protection against cyberattacks

When malware targets a user’s device, we use 6 layers of deep protection, powered by our unique cloud-based analytics and machine-learning techniques, to keep them safe. Learn how these protective layers defend your users and devices from cyberthreats.

Avast Web Shield
Processes all traffic coming over HTTP and encrypted HTTPS connections, using URL detection algorithms to protect against phishing, as well as full content filtering to stop malware that may be contained on these sites.

Protects against zero-day malware and vulnerabilities using two emulators, and increases resilience to malware sample modifications. Features are collected during emulation and malware is then blocked according to our unique rule engine.

Static Scanner
Analyzes code and binary objects prior to execution, using machine learning and a variety of detection methods. Based on the analysis, our fast and efficient static scanner then characterizes the file as safe or malicious.

Avast DeepScreen
Utilizes a virtual machine, which clones the OS to test suspicious files, as well as machine learning algorithms to identify similarities with known malware families. Connects to our cloud engine to leverage threat intelligence from our user base.

Avast CyberCapture
Prevents sophisticated malware from infiltrating a user’s system. If a user attempts to run a suspicious file, CyberCapture locks the file and sends it to the Avast Threat Labs where it is analyzed in a safe, virtual environment.

Behavior Shield
Monitors the system for suspicious activities while programs are running. Behavior Shield captures unusual behavior on the device, then stops the activity, undoes the operation, and quarantines the suspicious objects.

With Avast Business Managed Antivirus, all the tools and features I need to protect our school and network are right there in the console. It's easy to use and manage and gives me complete peace of mind. I can also focus on other aspects of managing our IT operations.


Through the automatic email alerts and reports, I don't have to monitor individual users and can see the health of our network at a glance. All f this contributes to hours saved each day and greater efficiency.


Using Avast Business Antivirus and the Management Console, our level of protection and monitoring have greatly improved.
Through real-time reporting, we know where we need to be and what we need to do. We are saving a lot more time and we're sleeping better.



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